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The Christian Spiritual Church Of Tranquillity

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Welcome to The Christian Spiritual Church of Tranquillity

Our Church has been successfully run for several years now by three people; Norah the treasurer, Ray the booking agent and Roz the chairlady, the church is popular because it is the only Spiritual church on a Sunday morning.

Our congregation are always very welcoming and we our always happy to have new members.

We have different speakers every week and Holy Communion on the last Sunday of each month by our spiritual minister Rosemary Rice.

We have a raffle; a Healing book and a tea counter and provide a warm and welcoming environment.
We love to have a laugh and the atmosphere is tremendous.

The doors Open at 10am and the Service starts at 10.15am, We Provide an hour of registered healing after the service 12-1pm and anyone is welcome even if you miss the service.
Our Resident healer is registered with the ICHF (website in links) and has been healing for years.
So please have a look round the site and maybe come along one week!

Christian Spiritual Church Of Tranquillity